Just the FAQ and scoop on Distressed Tshirts

Q.  When will new distressed tshirts be released

A.  We will release several types of shirts per series.  Series 1 is currently slated to contain at least 5 different versions.  We will produce these as quickly as we can.  

Q.  Can I get notified when a new shirt is released other t shirt stores won't do this? 

A.  Of course, sign up for our notification service here.

Q.  How many holes will my shirt have?

A.  That depends?  Our distressed clothing and shirts will be made using a different caliber.  Shirts like our 9mm series will have at least 5 holes and something like an AR-15 .556 will have 10 or more. 

Q.  Can we suggest calibers and designs we would like to see?

A.  Absolutely, not only can you submit suggestions but you can even submit designs.

Q.  How do I submit a design?

A.  E-mail your designs to armoredattitude@gmail.com and include "design suggestion" in the subject line.

Q.  What happens if you use my design?  

A.  If we use your design you will receive a free shirt.

Q.  How long do shirts take to ship?  

A.  All shirts are mailed out as quickly as possible.  Shirts are not placed on our site for sale until they are created and ready to go.  All shirts will ship out within 48 hours M - F and usually much quicker than that.