Armored Attitude Limited Edition Distressed T Shirts

One of a Kind T-Shirts

Armored Attitude shirts are limited edition t-shirts.  Each shirt is one of a kind and comes with real bullet holes.  


Brad Schaeffer and Jacob Schaeffer of Armored Attitude

We will make a video of each new edition.  All videos will remain linked to this site so you can always go back and see the video of the day your shirt was made.  


Each shirt comes with a numbered, hologram protected certificate of authenticity.  

What Do You Get?

Our distressed t shirts are delivered anywhere in the US free of charge and come with a certificate of authenticity and a bullet casing or shot shell used in the creation of your limited edition t shirts.  When it comes to the best online t shirt stores our store in unlike any others.  Stay updated with our blog by clicking below

Pictures of our Customers and our Adventures

Send us some pictures of you wearing our shirts, we love them!


Ron Anthony of Armored Attitude AZ

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